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April 6, 2017
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Aston Rycote USM Shockmount

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The Aston Rycote USM (Universal Studio Mount) is an InVision™ product which makes use of Rycote’s patented vibration-resistant Lyre mount. The W-shaped Lyres are placed around a central mounting ring with adjustable fasteners. This allows the USM to accommodate any microphone with a diameter of between 18 and 55 millimetres.

Aston chose Rycote as their partner for shock mounts; they are indisputably the best mounts on the market today. Like Aston themselves, Rycote are also a UK-Based brand

The Aston Rycote USM updates the concept of microphone suspension. They do this by completely omitting any elasticated parts and using modern materials to create a virtually indestructible shock-mount.It’s performance far outstrips that of the humble ’cat’s cradle’ suspension. In controlled tests at the Rycote factory, the USM provided up to twice the isolation of traditional microphone suspension systems.

Finished in Aston colours this universal mount makes the ideal accessory for use with the Origin and Spirit, as well as any other mics in your collection on the approved list.


  • Universal mic mount – fits any large-diaphragm recording microphone from 18 to 55 mm in diameter
  • Also offers up to twice the isolation from cable and stand-borne noise of traditional ’cat’s cradle’ elasticated microphone mounts.
  • Radically improved Isolation
  • Virtually indestructible
  • No elasticated parts – never sags or needs re-threading
  • Made in the UK

You have not viewed any product yet.