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BOSS ST-2 Power Stack Pedal
July 17, 2017
Mooer Firefly M6 Pedal Case
July 18, 2017

Mooer Firefly M4 Pedal Case

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Firefly M4

Mooer has always strived to enhance the portability of our pedals and for this reason, we have successfully developed the second generation of Mooer Flight Case-Firefly M6 as well as its little brother Firefly M4. Based on the old Flight Case M6, we made perfection more perfect that we have redesigned the internal structure of the cabinet. With the specially designed guitar cable plug, the overall size has been reduced 30%, which makes it much easier to carry.
We have also increased the capacity of the new Firefly M6, which now is able to accommodate the Mooer newly released wah pedal, The Wahter as well as the Micro Series Pedals.
This solves the inconvenience when carrying large wah pedal. Using high quality patch cable and connector combination such as PC-Z and FC-2,FC-4, your tone will be improved and your pedal board will look more concise. The external material has been upgraded as well, from the original cobwebbing panel to now a more solid panel. The overall structure has been solidified considerably.

Firefly M4 is able to accommodate 4 Micro Series pedals or 3 MICRO pedals& 1 Mini Series pedals, a 4 plug multi DC power cable is included.

Specially designed guitar cable plug is compatible to many connect cables.

Dimensions:170mm X 300mm X85mm


You have not viewed any product yet.