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July 20, 2017
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Tanglewood TW4 Winterleaf Black Electro Acoustic Guitar

£349.00 (Inc VAT)

Features a B-Band M-450T Preamp, with an EQ sidemount for easily controlling your tone.

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A Perfect Combination of Tonewoods

The choice of a solid Spruce top delivers a bright and clear tone with a warm character. Combined with Mahogany, the Spruce top adds a beautiful contrast to the overall appearance of the TW4 BK.

Due to it’s rich heritage, Mahogany backs and sides can be heard on loads of old recordings, and the inherent character of the tone lends itself well to blues and roots music to this day. In addition, it also provides a punchier and darker tone, with a prominent ‘woody’ midrange.

B-Band M-450T Preamp

To add to this already superb sound the TW4 BK also features a B-Band M-450T Preamp. Featuring an EQ sidemount for easily controlling your tone, and also a built-in tuner which allows you to discreetly tune your guitar on the go.The M-450T Preamp also features a HZZLess™ preamp circuit which is a special design that not only reduces signal noise but, because it integrates with B-Band pickups more closely, and increases the signal output.

Comfortable Strings

Featuring D’Addario EXP16 strings which deliver the ideal balance of volume, projection and comfortable playability. They are renowned for being environmentally friendly, and are manufactured from high carbon steel for unprecedented strength and pitch stability.


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