Rehearsal Rooms

Hone Your Craft Using our Rehearsal Rooms

Book one of our rehearsal rooms to hone your skills in private. Every musician knows that you need to practice thoroughly in order to truly polish your craft. With the help of our fully equipped, air-conditioned, and soundproofed rooms, we have everything you need to play great music. Technical support from our experts is available at all times. It’s always advisable to book early in order to avoid disappointment. Cancellation Policy: Cancellations with more than 48 hours notice from the start of your session, NO CHARGE. Cancellations with-in 48 hours from the start of your session, FULL PAYMENT REQUIRED. Here are the rooms that we have available:

Days Morning Afternoon Evening Rates
Monday to Friday 10am – 6pm N/A 7pm – 11pm Large Room - £40 (Eve) / £60 (Day)
Saturday 10am – 2pm 2pm – 6pm N/A Normal Room - £40
Sunday 11am – 3pm 3pm – 7pm 7pm – 11pm Small Room - £30

The Latest Equipment

In order to practice efficiently, you need great equipment. Each room includes these items at no extra charge:

- Full P.A. System (EV™, Yamaha™, Shure™ and Carlsbro™)

- Bass Amps (Trace Elliot™ and Marshall™)

- Guitar Amps (Marshall™, Roland™, JCM Heads, and 4x12 Stacks and Combos)

- Drum Sets (Sonor™, Pearl™, Mapex™ and Meridian Lacquered Kits)

- Cymbals (Paiste™, Stagg™ DH and SH, and Zildjian™)

- Microphones (Shure™ SM58)

- Keyboards and music stands are available on request

- Room fans are available on request

A Secure Service

With a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal activities on our premises, we have CCTV in constant operation. This ensures your safety, our staffs’ safety, and the safety of our equipment. No smoking is permitted anywhere inside, and we have designated sheltered smoking sections outside for your use. Any damages to our property will be investigated and rectified at the guilty party’s expense.

Contact us, in Croydon, Surrey, to find out more about the rehearsal rooms at our music store.